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now, when I save it as .avs and then open it using VirtualDub, I see three videos nicely put next to each other, but the colors are weird and parts of the video are upside down and everything is just ..wrong - see Screenshot -46f71057ed130f9be29510f68ce4ee71.php. First I thought it has something to do with avisynth taking the wrong codec, so i forced it on gmp4 (as you can also see in the screenshot), but the result is the same. I have now also Avisynth+ installed, as well as VirtualDubMod. When I open the .avs in VDMod, I get "couldn't locate decompressor for format YV24", but it still opens the video which looks a little better though (but when I make a direct stream copy and save it, then play it back in MPC it looks exactly the same as it looked on the first screenshot). So this error points me toward something related to the colorspace. Now my questions:



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