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Everett Bailey
Everett Bailey

Download Blue Light Filter Pro V2.1.6 [Paid] VERIFIED

The two minute reel is a quick intro to the plugin. It's mixture of different types of blue and green screen footage and breaks down how it's used. Also keep in mind that The Light Wrap Fantastic can be used on footage that has been rotoscoped. Any keyed or masked footage will work great with Light Wrap Fantastic. This will quickly show you how powerful light wrap is for making incredible composites.

Download Blue Light Filter Pro v2.1.6 [Paid]


According to Betaflight Developers, the author made undesirable changes that reduce the rate at which RPM telemetry data is supplied. As a result the RPM filtering will not track the motor vibrations well, resulting in poor filtering performance and possibly hotter motors. (source) 350c69d7ab

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