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Everett Bailey
Everett Bailey

[S1E10] Where To

If you have Hulu Live TV, then you'll also be able to watch online when the episode airs. The great thing about Hulu Live TV is that along with being able to watch shows when they air on television, you also get access to Hulu's extensive library for $39.99 a month. Just be sure to check local listings with your zip code. Not able to catch Black Lightning when it airs? Keep reading to see where you can watch it online.

[S1E10] Where To

Upon their arrival at Fort Caspar, Elsa, Shea, and James are surprised to be greeted by two teenagers instead of soldiers, evidence that the fort is no longer an army post. After Elsa collapses due to her injuries, a doctor, Major Hemphill, examines her. He is both rude and unhelpful, explaining that Fort Caspar, where she might have gotten help, has been abandoned. Dejected, the group leaves, but not before Shea finds out that the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association, the group responsible for the slaughter of the Lakota women and children, has taken over Fort Caspar.

Pike returns to the present and Future Pike explains that in every outcome, except the one where Kirk is in command of the Enterprise during this incident, Spock dies. "Every time we change the path, he dies," Future Pike explains. "And he's got things to do. Fate-of-the-galaxy type things." How true he is. The Pike PTSD story arc has been very nicely handled in this first season. It would seem he has accepted his fate and this episode also very nicely shows the relationship between Spock and Pike developing, which goes a very long way to justifying why Spock goes to such great lengths to get Pike back to Talos IV after the accident in "The Menagerie" (S01, E15 & E16). 041b061a72

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