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Mukkadarpur Ka Majnu: A Rare and Expensive Device that Can Change the Speed of the Car Without Changing Gears | AutoCar India

Hindi Movie Free Download Mukkadarpur Ka Majnu automaten wandler in

If you are looking for a romantic comedy movie with a twist of technology, you might be interested in watching Mukkadarpur Ka Majnu, a Hindi movie released in 2017. The movie is about a guy named Hannu who is looking for love and affection but faces many obstacles due to his religion, job status, color, cast and creed. The movie also features an automaten wandler, a type of automatic transmission that uses fluid to transfer torque from the engine to the gearbox. In this article, we will review the movie, explain what an automaten wandler is and how it works, and show you how to download the movie for free online.

Hindi Movie Free Download Mukkadarpur Ka Majnu automaten wandler in

Movie Review

Plot summary

The movie follows the life of Hannu, a young man from a small town called Mukkadarpur. He works as a mechanic at a garage owned by his uncle. He is in love with Priya, a black girl who works as a nurse at a hospital. However, their relationship faces many challenges due to their different backgrounds and cultures. Hannu's family is against their marriage, Priya's father is a strict Muslim who wants her to marry someone from his community, and Hannu's friends are jealous of his love life.

One day, Hannu meets Salma, a beautiful girl who belongs to a rich and influential family. She falls in love with him at first sight and tries to woo him with her charm and money. Hannu is confused by her advances and tries to avoid her. However, Salma's brother, who is a powerful politician, threatens Hannu to marry his sister or face dire consequences. Hannu is trapped between his true love and his forced marriage.

Meanwhile, Hannu's uncle buys an old car that has an automaten wandler, a rare and expensive device that can change the speed of the car without changing gears. Hannu is fascinated by the technology and decides to learn more about it. He discovers that the car belongs to JC Baba, a mysterious guru who claims to have supernatural powers. JC Baba tells Hannu that the automaten wandler is a gift from God and that he can use it to solve his problems. He also gives him some advice on how to deal with his love triangle.

Will Hannu be able to follow his heart and marry Priya? Will he be able to escape from Salma's brother's wrath? Will he be able to understand the secrets of the automaten wandler? Watch the movie to find out.

Cast and crew

The movie is directed by Shekhar Ramesh Mishra and Ravikant Sinha. The screenplay and dialogues are written by Rajesh Kumar and Shekhar Ramesh Mishra. The music is composed by Siddhant Sharma and Anand Menon. The cinematography is done by Rajesh Mishra. The editing is done by Sanjay Sankla.

The main cast of the movie includes:

  • Sahil Ansari as Hannu

  • Nikkita Butola as Priya

  • Vishakha Negi as Salma

  • Rahul Bagga as Dr. Rahul Anand

  • Tarun Khanna as JC Baba

  • Raja Awasthi as Hari Saxena

  • Jugal Kishore Mishra as Mr. Bajaj

  • Aron Mitr as Nantu

  • Vidhi Parikh as Priyanka

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